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Featured:Red Gold
Telesca redgold.jpg
Jennifer Telesca's book "Red Gold: The Managed Extinction of the Giant Blue Fin Tuna" is a book about the extinction of the bluefin tuna. The topic is of interest today because of the issues associated with socio-ecological issues. The book cover below was designed by Stanley Meltzoff who taught at Pratt a decade ago. Read More
Going All Virtual
With the Pandemic we are forced to use Zoom every day. If you are tired to use the camera, you can use your Avatar instead of using a webcam. The Avatar on the right was created with loomielive that can be installed on your cell phone or laptop. The avatar responds to your voice and it is a substitute for your webcam. Read More.
In the News
Some news that we hear:
  • Origami workshop in Math and Science attracts 120 participants.
  • Coco Fusco online event brings nearly 100 online participants.
  • Writing and Tutorial Center is fully online since March.
  • Sammetah Aga book has been published.
  • Layla Izami featured in Magazine interview.
  • Water leak in DeKalb Hall floods rooms.
  • Liberal Arts cat pins are now available.
  • Video produced by HAD, MSCI.
...Past News Here
Beta Space
BetaSpace, a community space that encourages students to interact with technology through inquiry, play and collaboration, popped-up in Dekalb Gallery this spring from January 21st to March 6th. The event was co-sponsored by the School of Art, Math & Science, the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Design, and Interactive Services.
DeKalb News
News Related to DeKalb
  • The old copiers/scanners were replaced by new units. The copiers were received and installed in September
  • DeKalb 208 and 308 were outfitted with webcams to enable online teaching from Pratt.