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Oil on Canvas
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In one of the most bizarre occurrences a Faculty from the School of Arts misunderstood that Canvas is a learning management system. The Faculty was attempting to paint an abstract paint on a computer screen running Canvas. The Faculty is suing the software house for the misuse of the name. Lawyers from the software house said that "They don't know anybody that paint on Canvas in the digital era, and that the name is trademarked". The School of Arts spokesperson asked the media not to "paint the wrong image" about the incident.
Dean's Vault Found Empty
Upon return to campus, the Dean's vault was found empty. The Vault is where the Dean keeps funds for all Faculty that asks for stipends. Police was notified immediately and investigated the mysterious happening. There are no clear clues of what happened, but the main suspect has been identified as Pam Demics from Corona. Mrs Demics was not available for interview and neighbors said that she was busy and often seen in large agglomerations.
Death by Zoom
The Chair of Media Studies was found dead in front of a computer. The cause of death has been attributed to excessive Zoom sessions. When found, a zoom session was running for over 20h without interruptions
Example New Yorker cartoon .jpg
A spokesman from Media Studies said that "It is unfortunate that Zoom doesn't have an automatic time out". Interviewed for SLAS News, a representative for Zoom said that "We didn't implement time outs, because it reduces productivity". Police were called and the detective responsible for the investigation said that a statement would be issued via a zoom call.
Pratt Asian Latino Society
The Pratt Asian Latino society (PALs) has been formed and represents the population of Asians that are from Latin American countries. The association when formed had a whopping membership of 2 people and is currently accepting anybody who sympathizes with the cause of the Asian Latinos at Pratt.

プラットアジアラテン社会(PAL)が結成され、ラテンアメリカ諸国から来たアジア人の人口を代表しています。 設立時の協会はなんと2人の会員で、現在プラットでアジアのラテン系アメリカ人の大義に共感する人を受け入れています。

Two Columns Merge
The two columns that were separated decided on a merger. For this, intensive research was made using google to find the correct syntax to merge two cells of a table. The merger was only possible because the syntax is so easy that anybody can actually do it.