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Helio Takai
Name: Takai
Title: Interim Dean
Department: SLAS
Fields: High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics, Computation
Advocacy: DEI, Sustainability, Disabilities

Videoconferences often lead to fatigue. It is not easy to stare at a screen for hours. Often this results in calls where you don't want to show your video. But why not have some fun using an Avatar?

Avatars for Videoconferences

There might be a few choices for Avatars out there but we tried the one that is provided by Loomilive. To create an avatar is a two-step process. The creation of the avatar is done using your cell phone camera that has an algorithm to create the closes avatar to your facial features. Once created you can customize the avatar with different hats, clothing, etc..

On your computer, Loomie live will use the avatars you created on the cell phone. The app on the computer will automatically find the avatars created on the cell phone when you log in to your account. Once started, the app generates a video stream that looks to your videoconferencing software as another USB camera. The Avatar will react to your voice but other commands such as raising your hand are controlled with the mouse.

Loomielive requires quite a bit of computing power and it is not for all laptops. It works well on a MacBook Pro.