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Welcome to the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Wiki. A Wiki, as in Wikipedia, is a place that you can post about yourself, your short article, news worth sharing. It is easy to contribute to the wiki as a simple page can be edited and posted in 10 minutes or less. If you are not familiar with Wikis follow this link to learn the basics of posting. To post an article, you will need an account that we will open for you.

Call For Submission: What is your grounding force?

Thursday, March 11th, marked an official year since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. In March of 2020, our streets grew eerily silent, stores were running short on food and supplies and the world was asked to quarantine. As a community, we have had to endure so much loss and adapt to a new way of living and being almost immediately. And while technology allowed room for us to continue to communicate to the world, to our loved ones, distance still weighed on us. And while remote learning has given us the opportunity to find ways to make education more accessible in these times, new challenges came to our communities: fatigue, burnout, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

While COVID-19 marks its first year, this means that we as faculty also are reaching our 1-year mark of teaching remotely. And so for our SLAS Wiki page, we are making a call for submissions by you. We are not asking the typical “how have you been?” rather that question seems a bit too much of a burden to answer a year later. But we do want to know:

  • What has been your grounding force this past year as an educator?
  • What were your best practices to get through the challenges of remote teaching? The happy place that gives you the energy to continue engaging students?
  • What new works have you released or have in progress that was essential to how you’ve been able to move through COVID?

We want to celebrate and highlight your year-long work by learning more about your best moments behind the scenes, or in this case “screens?” We are not asking that you create new works, but share with us the kind of work you have done that answers these questions for you. And if you feel compelled to create something new, please share that too!

Submissions take shape in any form and should be submitted to Urantia Ramirez via email

In the News

Faculty Spotlight
Jennifer Telesca's Red Gold
Telesca redgold.jpg

Jennifer Telesca's book "Red Gold: The Managed Extinction of the Giant Blue Fin Tuna" is a book about the extinction of the bluefin tuna. The topic is of interest today because of the issues associated with socio-ecological issues. The book cover below was designed by Stanley Meltzoff who taught at Pratt a decade ago. Read More

Meet Erica Morawski (HAD)

Mendi Obadike's Lull & Lift

Learn about Mendi's latests works Lull and Lift, how to stay in the loop about their live streams and how to earn a free sleeping kit! Read more

Contemporary PerforMemory
Book Summary

Contemporary PerforMemory looks at dance works created in the 21st century by choreographers identifying as Afro-European, Jewish, Black, Palestinian, and Taiwanese-Chinese-American. It explores how contemporary dance-makers engage with historical traumas to reimagine how the past is remembered and how the future is anticipated. The new idea of perforMemory arises within a lively blend of interdisciplinary theory, personal storytelling, performance analysis, and insightful interviews with seven international artists. Scholar and artist Layla Zami traces unexpected pathways, inviting the reader to move gracefully across disciplines, geographies, and histories.

Book Cover for Contemporary PerforMemory
[1], COMING UP: Book Launch on TUE MARCH 16, 2021 @ 2.15PM. This event will be held online via Zoom. To receive the link, please register here.

In the Circle

In the Circle is a series of very informal monthly meetings for Pratt faculty from all departments, run by faculty. It provides a confidential forum for us to meet each other, share tips about teaching, learn about resources, and get advice.

Podcasting Studio
In December 2020, a Podcasting recording studio in room DK002 was installed by IT. In the coming months, we will organize the recording of podcasts.
Beta Space

BetaSpace, a community space that encourages students to interact with technology through inquiry, play, and collaboration, popped-up in Dekalb Gallery this spring from January 21st to March 6th. The event was co-sponsored by the School of Art, Math & Science, the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Design, and Interactive Services.

Going All Virtual
With the Pandemic we are forced to use Zoom every day. If you are tired to use the camera, you can use your Avatar instead of using a webcam. The Avatar on the right was created with loomielive that can be installed on your cell phone or laptop. The avatar responds to your voice and it is a substitute for your webcam. Read More